1. Subscribe to Escort Radar Emails and Receive Exclusive Deals

Sign up for the VIP Treatment to get immediate access to discount offers, free shipping, and exclusive updates via email. As soon as you sign up, you’ll be redirected to Escort’s VIP-only offers.

2. Trade in Your Old Detector for a Credit of Up to $120

If you are upgrading to a new Escort Radar detector online, be sure to add their Online Trade-In Program to your shopping cart before checking out. The program is free and allows you to get a credit of up to $120 for your old unit. Although you won’t get the credit right away at checkout, you’ll receive everything you need to process your trade-in when your new detector arrives in the mail.

3. Shop Holiday Weekends for Extra Savings

Big holiday shopping days like Memorial Day weekend means it’s prime time for special offers. Keep an eye on your inbox if you’ve signed up for the VIP Treatment program or check the website for additional ways to save.