Typical Discounts

Become a Member

As a member of Equifax, you receive tons of benefits and gain access to the Member Center, packed full of optional services. You will also receive emails with discounted renewal rates if you currently have a subscription.

Search for Coupons

Saving at Equifax is easy with the coupons they release. You can expect dollar and percentage-off coupons on services. Occasionally, they will also offer buy three, get one free deals.

Shop the Sales

Equifax offers sales on many of their products. Look out for big, percentage-off savings on family plans. You can also find low prices and unlimited access to select services during sales. Occasionally, they will even release free trial offers.

Creative Deal Hunting

Follow on Facebook

On Facebook, Equifax showcases even more perks. Watch out for free financial advice and support. They sometimes have giveaways where they give out cash prizes to lucky followers.

Use Your AAA Discount

With an AAA membership, you can save up to 60% on bundled Equifax packages. Register to also receive free fraud alerts on your credit report too.

How Experts Save Even More

The Fine Print

While it is easy to save at Equifax, it's important to read the fine print. After any trial purchase or discounted offer, you will be billed at the standard rate for continued. If your account expires or you cancel it, wait for new deals to be emailed to you. Equifax offers even better rates if you reactivate your account.