1. Free Perks with Your Rewards Card

El Dorado offers a rewards “Club Card.” When you sign up for a Club Card you automatically receive a free buffet and 20 points on your card. You earn points by inserting your card at the slot machines or showing it to the Pit and Keno officials when you play the games.

The Club Card has five different levels, which you reach by accumulating points. You can track your points and free rewards by signing into your account on their webpage. The points you earn on your card qualify you for the various levels; the higher the point total, the higher the level. At different levels, you receive more perks.

The five levels, from lowest to highest are VIP, Gold, Gold Plus, Premier, and President. At the VIP level, you receive free parking, complimentary shuttle services and check cashing privileges. At the Gold level, you receive the VIP perks plus 10% off in the gift shop and special room rates.

At the Gold Plus level, you receive all of the perks of the three lower levels plus a free gift on your birthday, a three night stay for free and special room upgrade fees. And, at the two highest levels, Premier and President’s, you receive all of the perks from the lower levels plus free airport limo services, a free weekly buffet and invitations to shows. Finally, you also receive reserved parking and invitations to special, exclusive events at the President’s level.

You advance through the levels by earning more points, 125 will get you to the Gold level, 2,500 to the Gold Plus level, 12,500 to the Premier level and the President’s level is by invitation only.

2. Special Rates for Military, AAA members, and More

El Dorado regularly offers special rates for special groups such as AAA, Military, Government Employees and American Express Cardholders. The rate is usually around 10% off the normal room rate. You can find these deals by clicking on the “Special Offers” tab then the “Promotional Rates” tab on the right side of the page.