Types of Deals

Save on Shipping

While all sellers are different, most offer a shipping discount when purchasing more than one item from their store. You can easily find single items with free shipping by sorting along the left hand column under 'Delivery Options'.

Use the Credit Card

By signing up for the eBay MasterCard, you will receive double points on all eBay and PayPal purchases. Gas and restaurant purchases will earn you triple points, and all other purchases will receive the standard one point. There is no annual fee, and you can easily redeem your points for gift cards, travel deals or cash back.

Find Coupon Codes

Although coupon codes on eBay are difficult to find, they do exist. Due to eBay hosting individual sellers and companies, there is no general code to use sitewide. Any codes you find will be specific to a store and are not applicable to auction items.

Shop Special Sections

Ebay has a few special sale sections that are separate from the rest of their site. The Daily Deals section features several mystery deals, which rotate both daily and weekly. You can easily sort these deals by category, type of deal and even occasion. The Fashion Vault is similar to an online sample sale, with designers featuring exclusive collections at a discounted price. These sales run for a limited time only and there is a limited quantity of each item available. If you are searching for designer clothes at an even steeper discount, visit the Fashion Outlet, where prices are up to 60% off year-round.

How Experts Save Even More

Know How to Shop

There are several ways to shop on eBay. You can bid and win in an auction, purchase immediately with the 'buy it now' option, or make the seller an offer depending on their listing preference. If you are interested in an item, you should add it to your watch list, which sends you an email reminder when the sale is close to ending. The listing page will also tell you how many people are viewing an item, allowing you to gauge rival interest. For listings asking for best offers, do not be afraid to bid at a low price, as the seller may be flexible and open to negotiating with you.