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How many times have you craved Chinese or a delicious pizza in the middle of the night? Tired of not knowing where to get the foods you love when you want them the most? No problem. With Eat 24 Hours, you can gain access to a broad assortment of delicious cuisines all in one fabulous app. By using their app, you will get a list of different restaurants that are available around you and open for delivery. Whether you are at home, work or school, you can get your food delivered in no time.Beyond giving you access to more than 20,000 restaurant menus across the country, you can also split the check in mere seconds without having to do a bunch of calculations in your head. Make notes of which food establishments you love and which ones you don't to make sure you never have a bad experience again. Just enter your address, choose the restaurant and get your food delivered. It really is that simple.