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Anonymous 41 months ago (6/26/2012)


Anonymous 41 months ago (6/26/2012)

The discount is for a "lift assist" It gives you a pop-up window when you select "Get Deal" Not what I was looking for.

Anonymous 41 months ago (6/25/2012)

I did this too and it didn't work

Christine Cattolica 42 months ago (5/31/2012)

I clicked to redeem. It said a discount would be credited at check out. I didn't receive any type of discount. Is this discount good on all purchases?

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Eastern Marine is a leading retailer of discounted boating equipment, fishing equipment, RV equipment and trailer parts. Eastern Marine has been in business since 1981. You can get a great deal on the products that are sold by Eastern Marine by using a Eastern Marine discount during checkout.


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