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Anonymous 5 months ago (10/30/2014)

Tested on Complete 4 Channel H.264 DVR System w/ 4 IR Outdoor Cameras

Anonymous 7 months ago (9/11/2014)

Tested on BushBaby Custom DVD Case Spy Camera DVR w/ Motion Detection, 10-Hour Battery

BethC 13 months ago (3/21/2014)

verified at DynaSpy on 3/21

BethC 17 months ago (11/05/2013)

tested on camstick t8000

BethC 20 months ago (8/16/2013)

tested on CamStick T8000 HD Spy Camera

BethC 23 months ago (5/23/2013)

tested on timeguard alarm clock

BethC 25 months ago (3/28/2013)

tested on Wireless Mini Pinhole Color Spy Camera with Portable Recorder

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