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Carmen Nunez 13 months ago (7/04/2014)

doesn't work

Anonymous 20 months ago (11/25/2013)

Doesn't work

Anonymous 20 months ago (11/25/2013)

Driest work

Anonymous 31 months ago (12/19/2012)


Anonymous 33 months ago (10/31/2012)


Anonymous 33 months ago (10/29/2012)


Anonymous 41 months ago (3/09/2012)

Expired 3/9/12

Anonymous 42 months ago (2/07/2012)


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The inventors of Dr. Martens, the durable yet comfortable leather work boot, couldn�t have known the impact their iconic design would have on fashion culture throughout the world when they sold their first pair in the early 1960s. Subcultures throughout Britain quickly made Dr. Martens part of their identity. Dr. Martens continue to make their iconic boots with a thick AirWair sole, but have also expanded to include a full array of shoe and clothing styles for men, women and children. Each product is uniquely designed to appeal to those who want to make a statement of individualism through their wardrobe.