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doesn't work

Anonymous 30 months ago (11/25/2013)

Doesn't work

Anonymous 30 months ago (11/25/2013)

Driest work

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Anonymous 51 months ago (3/09/2012)

Expired 3/9/12

Anonymous 52 months ago (2/07/2012)


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On April 1, 1960, Dr. Maertens and Dr. Funck hatched a plan and gave birth to a legend. This is no April fool’s joke. The two rolled out their first pair of Dr. Martens boots fresh off the production line and became an integral part of the uniform worn by counter-culture youth. The brand rocketed to fame when The Who's lead singer Pete Townshend wore them on stage. Quoted as saying he always went on tour with two things, "a cognac bottle and a Dr. Martens boot," it seems a bit odd that a famous lead singer would need booze and boots but not an instrument. Today, Dr. Martens continues to provide a comfortable and fashionable way for people of all ages to make a statement. Shoppers will find the iconic and original Dr. Martens boot, complete with AirWair sole, and much more as the line has expanded beyond boots to feature a line of clothing and accessories. From vegan boots to pop art wallets, Dr. Marten continues to supply those looking to make their own statement.