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The Discovery Channel Store is the place for kids and adults who are obsessed with Discovery Channel shows like "Mythbusters," "Deadliest Catch," "American Chopper," "Man vs. Wild" and more. Whether you're into adventure, nature, sport vehicles or space, the Discovery Channel store has products to feed your imagination and further your exploration into the subjects covered on your favorite programs. Find clothing and accessories featuring your TV heroes, books and DVDs of your can't-miss shows, and a large variety of toys and games which are both educational and exciting enough to keep your kids entertained away from the TV set. Impersonate Jamie and Adam with your own copies of their labcoats and micropore sunglasses, while you record your own experiments in a Mythbusters science journal. Fascinate the kids with a static electricity or science whiz chemistry kit. And who wouldn't want a Shark Week T-shirt or Storm Chasers coffee mug?