Coupons offers flowers, plants, seeds and bulbs from several of the largest and oldest nurseries in the United States including House of Wesley Nursery, Royal Dutch, Burgess Plant & Seed, Richard Owen Nursery, Four Seasons Nursery, and Interstate.

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LinsayT. - Tested on Bulb Garden, Sensational Summer 3/24/14

26 days ago (3.24.2014)

LinsayT. - Tested on Bulb Garden, Sensational Summer 2/27/14

1 month ago (2.27.2014)

LinsayT. - Tested on Bulb Garden, Sensational Summer 2/3/14

2 months ago (2.03.2014)


Worked on 4/14/2014

5 days ago by Frank

LinsayT. - Tested on Vegetable Sampler 3/17/14

1 month ago (3.17.2014)

LinsayT. - Tested on Vegetable Sampler 2/24/14

1 month ago (2.24.2014)

LinsayT. - Tested on Vegetable Sampler 1/27/14

2 months ago (1.27.2014) Coupons

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Coupons here are mostly good for percentage-off discounts or free gifts with minimum purchase. While printed coupons are hard to come by, you can stack certain coupons for amazing discounts. It is worth noting that some discounts and promotions are limited to in-store or online shoppers only. You should, therefore, ensure that you keenly read the fine print.

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Most sales come in the form of bulk purchase discounts, percentage-off deals and free gifts with specific purchases. Sometimes, the gifts go beyond flowers. In the past, shoppers enjoyed extra-special freebies, such as chicks and hens!

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There tend to be huge clearance sales at the end of each season. This makes the clearance sale a great time to shop and save. You can accrue further savings in their much-loved One Cent Sale section.

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Enjoy an amazing one-year guarantee on every purchase. Unsatisfactory products can be returned for a refund or exchange. Terms and conditions apply.

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