1. Get Their Credit Card
Earn rewards points that you can use to get $10 certificates toward additional purchases or 10% shopping certificates to help you save a ton in a single day shopping trip. For every $1 you spend, you will earn two points. Earn an additional two points when getting gas or groceries and an additional point everywhere else you can use an American Express card. Once you hit 1,500 in points, you are automatically given the 10% off coupon.

Upon first being approved for the card, you will receive a welcome pass for 10% off when you spend at least $100 on your card when you first open your account. Look for the coupon with your first credit card statement.

2. Shop During the Holiday Sales
The best sales here often occur during peak holiday shopping times. In August, you can take an extra 40% off. Black Friday gives you an extra 50% off. When you spend $50, they give you a reward certificate for $10 back. Save 50% more on New Year's Day during their clearance event.