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Anonymous 31 months ago (4/26/2013)

Utrecht is now owned by Dick Blick and has continuous discount coupons for both in-store and online purchases. Minimum discount is 15% with free shipping, but often 25% off coupons as well!

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In 1911, a man named Dick Blick sat down with his wife at their kitchen table and concocted a business plan. Starting with one lettering pen shipped to prospective customers via catalog, they soon expanded. In 1948, they sold the business to Robert Metzenberg, who took the company to new levels, offering their quality products all over the country. Their retail stores in the early 1970s helped establish Blick Art Materials as one of the oldest and most extensive suppliers in the country. Now, with the dawn of the internet, Blick Art is returning to their roots by delivering the supplies every creative mind needs straight to the artist’s front door.


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