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Anonymous 16 months ago (5/01/2014)

works as of 5/1/14

Anonymous 16 months ago (4/24/2014)

works as of 4/24/14

Anonymous 17 months ago (3/30/2014)


WLC 17 months ago (3/29/2014)


EK 17 months ago (3/18/2014)

Works as of 3/18/14

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Anonymous 10 months ago (10/12/2014)

It worked for a car to Laguardia. Thanks!

Enter Your Name 10 months ago (10/10/2014)

it worked. thank you.

Enter Your Name 11 months ago (9/14/2014)

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Anonymous 13 months ago (7/30/2014)

Worked!! 7/31/14

Anonymous 14 months ago (7/06/2014)

It worked for me. I got a validation code from Dial 7 and did not need a coupon.

Anonymous 14 months ago (6/17/2014)

Thank you!!

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Dial7 Car & Limousine Service, one of the most popular luxury car services in the Tri-State area, has what it takes to get you where you need to go on time, every time. Whether you live in New York or are just planning a visit, simply dial 7 (as in 777-7777) to get connected with Manhattan's largest and longest-running car service. Having set the standard for airport pick-ups when it first launched in 1977, Dial7 continues to provide exceptional service to and from all New York-area airports. Planning a special event? Dial7 has a fleet of more than 600 vehicles that includes a wide variety of limos and other memorable rides such as stretch Hummers and party buses. Their professional and courteous drivers can take you into other states, and will even arrange with you to wait and provide a return ride as well. Whether you're traveling to a meeting in Midtown, a party in Tribeca, or just home to visit family in Jersey, trust Dial7 to take care of all your transportation needs.