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Dial 7 Whether you are in need of a ride to the airport or in need of a ride around New York City, Dial 7 is the company to call. Dial 7 makes sure that all your transportation needs around New York are met.

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| verified by Michelle B

does not work

6 months ago (7.09.2014)

does not work

8 months ago (5.28.2014)

only shows rates. does not work

8 months ago (5.14.2014)

Does NOT work, just shows the standard prices.

13 months ago (12.20.2013) by Chris

Worked on Sedan from JFK to Manhattan on 9/23/2013

16 months ago (9.11.2013)

Verified. $8 off as compared to Sedan price from Newark Airport when you book online.

18 months ago (7.17.2013)

Tried to use on June 14. Did not work

19 months ago (6.14.2013) by Terri

Verified on the Dial 7 site

20 months ago (5.29.2013)

Dial 7 Coupons


It worked for a car to Laguardia. Thanks!

3 months ago (10.12.2014)

it worked. thank you.

3 months ago (10.10.2014) by Enter Your Name

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4 months ago (9.14.2014) by Enter Your Name

Worked!! 7/31/14

5 months ago (7.30.2014)

It worked for me. I got a validation code from Dial 7 and did not need a coupon.

6 months ago (7.06.2014)

Thank you!!

7 months ago (6.17.2014)

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