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Enter Your Name 19 months ago (10/29/2014)

No Longer Works

Anonymous 25 months ago (4/18/2014)

Works thanks!

Anonymous 28 months ago (2/02/2014)

only applies to new customers

K.C. 28 months ago (1/15/2014)

Entered Code and it worked. I got 4 boxes of checks ordered for $19.50

Anonymous 28 months ago (1/13/2014)

Doesn't work

Anonymous 29 months ago (12/28/2013)

where is code ?!? - just sends me to site with no discount

Anonymous 39 months ago (2/25/2013)

Tried on 2/25 and it did not work.

Anonymous 40 months ago (1/26/2013)

didn't work

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Designer Checks offers over 90 designs for personal checks, including such licensed characters as Disney, Warner Bros., Major League Baseball and other more traditional characters like animals, garden, inspirations, recreation and more.