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Everyone enjoys having fun in the sun, but of course, it’s important to protect ourselves from the effects of harmful rays, too. That’s where Coolibar comes in with a solution. Coolibar develops and sells sun protective clothing, accessories and sunscreen so that we can safely enjoy time in the sun. Advised by a board of the top names in the medical field on the effects of UV radiation and how to prevent sun damage and skin cancer, Coolibar manufactures a range of Suntect® fabrics which offer UPF 50+ skin protection and block 98% of UVA/UVB rays. Their Aqua/Aqua Plus line has a water repellent finish for continuous protection even while in the water, and ther 3D Dri and 3D Dri Active range wicks away moisiture, making it perfect for sporting activities. All are available in apparel for men, women, children and babies. Plus, you'll find sunscreen and other sun accessories here, too.


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