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Contact Lens King Contact Lens King offers a wide selection of contacts. Here you'll find top brands offered at rock-bottom prices.

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It worked today.

15 days ago (10.09.2014) by Enter Your Name

Tried to use. "Not valid."

1 month ago (9.01.2014)

Thankss!! Contact Lens King is already cheap & now it's even cheaper :) So excited 'cause some opticals' lens are expensive

2 months ago (7.30.2014)

It works!! Thanks!

4 months ago (6.23.2014) by hg

Work for me Québec Cananda

5 months ago (5.19.2014)

Worked Thank You! 4/27/14

6 months ago (4.27.2014)

Awesome. It worked :)

6 months ago (4.26.2014)

worked for me!

6 months ago (4.25.2014) by Daniel

Yay - It Works!!

6 months ago (4.18.2014)

Tested on Focus Dailies 90 Pack

6 months ago (4.16.2014)

Wow!!! 1st time I found a coupon that worked. Used on Acuvue oasis on 4/14/14

6 months ago (4.14.2014)

Tested on Acuvue Oasys Lenses

7 months ago (3.27.2014)

Contact Lens King Coupons


Does not work

6 months ago (4.18.2014)

did not work

7 months ago (3.17.2014)

Did not work on 1/8/14

9 months ago (1.08.2014)

Did not work for me.

21 months ago (1.10.2013)

Sorry the coupon number you provided is not available.

26 months ago (8.20.2012)


BAD Codes

22 months ago (12.31.2012)

thank you, the BF12 worked for 10% off, saving me $20 !!!

22 months ago (12.19.2012) by sean

The code is actually BF12, I used that today 11/30/12 and saved 10%

23 months ago (11.30.2012)

time to delete this offer. it's still no good!

28 months ago (6.08.2012)

does not work

35 months ago (12.08.2011)

doesn't work 8/19/11

38 months ago (8.19.2011)

Doesn't work

39 months ago (8.10.2011)

doesn't work - 8/3/11

39 months ago (8.04.2011)

did not work

40 months ago (7.11.2011)

Dis Not work

40 months ago (6.20.2011)

Did not work on 6/15/11

40 months ago (6.16.2011)

It did not work on 05/12/2011

42 months ago (5.13.2011)

Code BF10 did not work on 05May2011

42 months ago (5.05.2011)

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Typical Discounts

Free Shipping

Enjoy the convenience of having your contact lenses shipped right to your front door, for free! Contact Lens King provides their customers with free shipping on all purchases within the continental United States. There is no purchase minimum or code required to redeem this offer.

Coupons & Sales

Check Ultimate Coupons to find current promotions. You will find codes and sale announcements for a percentage or dollar-off a particular brand or type of product. Occasionally, Contact Lens King will host a promotion for a percentage or dollar-off your entire order with a qualifying minimum purchase.

Keep an eye out for money-saving rebates available for a particular brands or product. Items that qualify will be clearly marked while you are browsing their website. The most popular lenses, as well as their sale price, are always advertised right on the homepage.

How Experts Save Even More

Buy More to Save More

Contact Lens King offers special pricing when you buy in bulk. Placing large orders can help you save up to $5 on every box, depending on the brand or specific type you are purchasing.

Combine Offers

Since every order ships for free without a coupon code, you can combine free shipping with all other types of promotions.

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