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Susan S. 10 months ago (9/08/2014)

Tested on Hit the Bullseye.

Sarah 21 months ago (11/09/2013)

Tested on Many Things in Parables

Anonymous 22 months ago (9/27/2013)

JC tested on Many Things in Parables: Jesus and His Modern Critics

iblori 25 months ago (7/12/2013)

Tested on: Many Things in Parables

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Specializing in everything Christian, Cokesbury, a retail division of the United Methodist Publishing House that was founded with a purpose to bring their customers closer to God. Cokesbury has a variety of Bible study materials sorted by author and category, curriculum information, and other worship resources such as candles and altar wear so their customers have no trouble getting what they need to help them deepen their relationship with God. Cokesbury is so intent on their customers' satisfaction that they even offer a number of free resources. You'll be saying a joyful Amen that you found Cokebury, because they're making worshiping easy.