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Coastal Scents sells high quality makeup, bath & body products, and ingredients for creating your own makeup and bath & body products. Shop for finished makeup palettes that include up 88 different shades for endless fun with color. All Coastal Scents products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

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Worked on pallette

1 month ago (2.25.2014)

Tested on makeup.

5 months ago (10.31.2013)

Tested on Elite Brush Set Black

13 months ago (3.08.2013) by Kasey

Yep, alway free shipping on orders over $50. So where's the great deal?

14 months ago (2.08.2013) by disgruntled/annoyed

worked on fragrance

15 months ago (1.07.2013)

you always get free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

16 months ago (12.03.2012)

Combo Set 1

17 months ago (10.30.2012)

Coastal Scents Coupons


f you

16 days ago (4.02.2014)

true:( didnt work

3 months ago (12.25.2013)

stupid code, who will give you 90%??? not valid, of course

4 months ago (11.29.2013)

This is bullsh!t and didn't work...Just FYI...

16 months ago (12.02.2012)


24 months ago (4.19.2012)



16 days ago (4.02.2014)

this is invalid

16 months ago (12.10.2012)


16 months ago (12.08.2012)

This doesn't even work!!

16 months ago (12.02.2012)

Does not work

25 months ago (3.09.2012)

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