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Jerrold 1 month ago (8/26/2016)

Jose 10 months ago (11/26/2015)

Thanks Connie for talking about how to love this life. You relaly give great examples of the benefits of Life Coaching and why it may or may not be there for you. When people can see what the clear benefits are it helps with deciding if something is right for you.

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Coach USA offers environmentally-friendly, economical bus tours of Canada as well as the Northeast and the North Central regions of the United States. With 20 local companies under the corporate umbrella, price-minded travelers find just the ride they need to get where they want to go. Sightseers appreciate Coach USA’s tour buses that allow them to see and engage with lively cities like Montreal, New York, and Chicago. Church groups, wedding parties, and college sports teams alike appreciate Coach USA’s convenient charter services. Economically-minded travelers take advantage of the scheduled routes to local airports and city-to-city stops. Coach USA also has planned casino trips and custom group tours. And Coach USA even has Megabus options, many of which offer tickets starting at only a dollar. Yep. A dollar. Talk about economical! With options like these, the savvy road traveler is never without options and never without a ride to that next stop down the road a ways.