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With as much as we use our computers for our everyday life and a host of other things, it is essential that it is up and running in top condition at all times. Having a computer run slow or plagued with viruses and adware/malware is one of the worst things to deal with, which ultimately slows down your productivity. However Mac users have a worthy option to clean their computer, thanks to MacPaw�s Clean My Mac � a Mac cleaning software that does a thorough job to keep your Mac in good shape. Clean My Mac not only cleans, but it also maintains and optimizes your Mac. By scanning every inch of your system, it keeps a watchful eye on the overall health of your Mac while also running regular maintenance tasks. It�s easier than ever to download Clean My Mac, now in its third stage, all you have to do is visit the MacPaw website and everything you need to get started is ready to go.