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Steve Jobs created the Mac to be a "walled garden," where everything is beautiful and no outside forces could mess up his singular vision. However, inside this beautiful garden, weeds can grow and things can get messy if they're not properly maintained. MacPaw has created the perfect gardener in CleanMyMac, an easy-to-use, gorgeously-designed app that analyzes every inch of that iMac or Macbook to find the excess junk that builds up over time. Once it finds those gigabytes of useless junk, it takes one click to remove it all from the system and keep everything running smoothly. Actually, CleanMyMac can even be programmed to do the maintenance on its own, no clicking involved. As a bonus, CleanMyMac also comes with a convenient uninstaller for unwanted programs, a shredder for erasing all traces of a file and a way to run maintenance tasks like repairing disk permissions.