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Based out of Montreal, Canada and founded in 1984 by two street performers, Cirque du Soleil has grown to become the world’s largest theatrical production company. The company has eight shows in permanent residence at various hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, Orlando and Mexico City, as well as several touring shows which travel around the world. Each show has its own particular theme and storyline, with a show based around a combination of acrobatic circus acts, live music, dance and street-style performance like fire breathing, stilt walking and juggling. Cirque du Soleil is founded on the values of creativity, audacity and imagination. Every year, audiences totaling over 15 million people are amazed and entertained by sights and acrobatic performances not seen anywhere else. Cirque du Soleil believes in social responsibility and being a good global citizen and works with partners to make a positive difference in over 20 countries.