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MGlover 8 months ago (10/30/2014)

Verified at Dominos on 10/30/2014

Allison 12 months ago (6/30/2014)

Verified on Medium 2-topping pizza

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Christine 15 months ago (4/09/2014)

Tested on Create Your Own Assortment Pick 6 - Winter Box.

Christine 16 months ago (3/09/2014)

Tested on Milk Chocolate Pixies.

Matt K 18 months ago (1/10/2014)

Tested at on 1/10/14

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Chuck E. Cheese's is the place where a kid can be a kid. Chuck E. Cheese's offers a variety of pizza, a salad bar, appetizers, desserts and features musical and comic entertainment by life-size, computer controlled robotic characters.