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Children’s Wear Digest has roots that go back to 1911, when Julius W. Klaus helped found the Richmond Dry Good Company, which supplied clothing and linen retailers throughout the South. His son purchased the company in 1956, and it has remained a family business throughout the years. As times changed, the business has had several incarnations over time, operating as a children’s clothing boutique in the late 1970s and 1980s, and expanding into mail order with its first Children’s Wear Digest catalog in 1987. Today, the company mails over 17 million catalogs per year, and expanded into a website, in 1997. The company offers fun and quality children’s wear from many well-known brands, including Flapdoodles, Lilly Pulitzer and Lacoste. With their exceptional reputation for both quality and comfort, Children’s Wear Digest is the place to purchase stylish kid’s clothes that will be passed down for generations.