1. Free Shipping on Purchases Over $25

Chefs Catalog offers free shipping on all purchases of $25 or more.  This also includes free returns!

2. Credit Card Rewards

Chefs Catalog offers great rewards when you use your credit card for purchases.  When you use your Visa card at Chefs Catalog, you get 5% cash back or double miles.  And when you use your Discover card for purchases at Chefs you’ll get a 10% cash back bonus on your purchase.

3. Free Gifts with Purchases

Chefs Catalog offers a wide-variety of free gifts with purchases.  They offer $20-$25 free gift cards with several of their cutlery and canning products.  Chefs also offers a variety of free product gifts with over 20 different items.  Some of these free gifts are included with your purchase, while with most of them, you’ll receive a Mail-In Form for the free gift.  Finally, they also offer $30-$50 Mail-in Rebates with the purchase of select items for your kitchen.  You can find all of these free gift deals by clicking on the “Special Offers” link at the top of their homepage.