Typical Discounts

Email Newsletter

Fill out the requested information on the CHEFS Catalog registration form to sign up for their email newsletter. Subscribers receive new product previews, news of upcoming promotions and discounts, as well as recipes.

Free Shipping

Spend a minimum of $25, and CHEFS Catalog will provide free standard shipping at no cost. Complimentary shipping is always advertised on their homepage, and the discount is applied automatically during checkout, so coupons are unnecessary.

Accumulate Credit Card Rewards

Enjoy 5% cash back when you charge CHEFS Catalog purchases on a Discover credit card. Some Visa cards also give double miles for merchandise shoppers buy from CHEFS Catalog. Compare cards carefully before checkout to see which will benefit your more.

Typical Sales & Coupons

CHEFS Catalog offers percentage and dollar-off discounts during sale periods. Affiliate coupon codes are usually restricted to a particular item or category, but some apply sitewide. Typically, both coupons and sales offer a free gift if a shopper purchases a particular product.

Special Offers & Rebates

This retailer features ‘Special Offers’ that are worth viewing. Many discounts offer a free gift. Other promotions provide a rebate form, so customers can receive a monetary reimbursement. Read rebate forms carefully and be sure to fill them out before they expire.

Creative Deal Hunting

Social Media Savings

CHEFS Catalog maintains Facebook and Twitter pages that primarily feature recipes. Big sales are advertised occasionally, but there don't appear to be any exclusive offers or contests provided on either page.

How Experts Save Even More

Browse Often

This retailer advertises sales throughout the year, and the best tend to coincide with a holiday season. Check their website frequently to ensure you don't miss an appealing offer.

Coupon Stacking

Customers can stack free shipping coupons with other promotions. Whether CHEFS Catalog is promoting a sitewide sale or offering a category-specific sale, coupons can always be combined.