Typical Discounts

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You can start saving on your canvas photo orders by signing up for Canvas On Demand’s newsletter. Signing up is easy. Simply scroll to the bottom of the homepage and enter your email address. These newsletters keep you up-to-date on the latest offers and special discounts. They sometimes include contest announcements too, which you can enter to win prizes.

Use Coupon Codes

Coupons can regularly be found for your CanvasOnDemand.com orders. The most common codes apply a percentage-off discount to your order, popularly ranging from 20% to 30%. These promotions are advertised at the top of their homepage.

Creative Deal Hunting

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Periodically, Canvas On Demand will offer a percentage-off discount to those who follow them on Facebook. Their feed features information about recent sales, upcoming promotions and helpful craft tips.

How Experts Save Even More

Connect with Instagram

Are you tired of connecting your device to your computer just to upload your images? Canvas On Demand offers a unique Instagram feature that allows you to send your images directly from your Instagram account, saving you precious time!