Typical Discounts

Get Savings in Your Inbox

Newsletter subscribers at Camping World are insiders when it comes to new products, deals and discounts. It’s simple to sign up. Just visit the homepage, scroll to the bottom and enter your email in the field on the left-hand side.

Shop Sale & Clearance Items

Sale and clearance items are a commonly available at CampingWorld.com. Just click the “Sale” tab in the upper right-hand of the homepage, or visit the clearance section. On each item, the initial regular price and lower sale price is shown to reflect the savings value. You will also notice that some items automatically qualify for free shipping (just look for the free shipping icon under the listed item). Some sales and discounts may differ in-store from online.

Become a Good Sam Club Member

Although the Good Sam Club membership comes with an annual fee, the advantages far outweigh the price, especially when it comes to your Camping World purchases. Perks for members range from instant Camping World rebates to free shipping on any CampingWorld.com order of at least $99. Members also receive several other exclusive Camping World coupons.

Good Sam Visa Rewards

You can reward yourself for your purchases at Camping World by using your Good Sam Visa credit card at checkout. This unique card offers many buying perks at Camping World. Points are credited to your rewards account with every purchase. Points can be redeemed as dollar-value to your credit card statement, exchanged for Camping World gift cards and more.

Creative Deal Hunting

Watch Prices Closely

It’s not always possible to know in advance when certain items will be offered at sale prices. One great piece of Camping World’s policy is that they extend sale prices to customers who purchase an item at full-price, only to find it on sale soon after. The specific rules allow for a credit of the difference if you bought a product at a higher price within 14 days prior to the markdown. To take advantage of this savings avenue, you have to submit your receipt with the advertised sale price within 30 days of your initial purchase.

Mind Facebook

Camping World features their best deals, products and discounts on their Facebook page. While most of their status updates are for the purpose of social interaction and engagement in the camping community, they seem to highlight at least a couple deals on a daily basis.

How Experts Save Even More

Know Where to Shop

Because Camping World offers their merchandise online and in-store, sale prices can vary from place to place. It’s always best to compare prices both online and at your nearest location to know where you can find the best deals. There is usually a large selection of online-only deals that are not offered in store. These can be found in the Internet Specials section of CampingWorld.com.