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Fortunately, there are many ways out there for wine connoisseurs to stay abreast of what's new with their favorite wines while being able to sample a variety of brands. The easiest way to do this is to become a member of a wine club, such as The California Wine Club. The California Wine Club is an online destination for all of the best in wine selections, wine news, wine gifts, recipes/tips and also a wine-related blog. Members of The California Wine Club have their choice of select wine club levels, including: Premier Series (starts at $39.95), Signature Series (starts at $124), International Series (starts at $71), Aged Cabernet Series (starts at $219) and the Pacific Northwest Series, which starts at $77. There is a 100% guarantee on all wines or your money back, a variety of site-wide sales and discounts, and an email newsletter list that features exclusive wine offers and special savings.