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Buy Tile imports beautiful tile from all over the world.

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12 hours ago by Susan S.

MJ verified on 7/17/14 at Buy Tile

3 months ago (7.17.2014)

MJ verified at Buy Tile on 3/12/14

7 months ago (3.12.2014)

Tested on Pebbles 1x4

11 months ago (11.19.2013) by mj

Tested on Sliced Pebbles White Timor

13 months ago (9.20.2013) by mj


MJ verified on 8/29/14 at BuyTile

1 month ago (8.29.2014)

MJ verified at Buy Tile on 3/12/14

7 months ago (3.12.2014)

MJ verified on 11/19/13 at 12:47

11 months ago (11.19.2013) by mj

Tested on Blue Spruce 0.8"x0.8"

13 months ago (9.20.2013) by mj

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Savings Tips

Typical Discounts

Clip Coupons

Look for free shipping coupons on select items or on minimum orders. Also, keep an eye out for percentage-off and dollar-off coupon codes on a minimum purchase, such as $76 off orders of $1,776 or more. You likely will find percentage-off coupon codes that are limited to purchases from certain categories, such as 35% off pebble tiles. Look for coupon codes on the top of their homepage or right here on Ultimate Coupons.

Creative Deal Hunting

Check Facebook is on Facebook. However, the company does not advertise many exclusive sales or savings.

How Experts Save Even More

Shop the Warehouse Sale

All of their tiles are available at discounted prices significantly below retail. Since prices are already discounted, sales are not common. However, check in the fall for news about its warehouse clearance sale. This is the best time to purchase tile. During this time, you can find tiles that are up to 60% off retail prices.

Read the Fine Print

Are you doing a big home improvement? Try to purchase all of your tiles at once. Tiles are manufactured by lots, and there is a chance for products to have some variation from lot to lot. So play it safe, and buy all of your tiles at the same time to avoid variation.

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