Save 15% and Earn Rewards with a Brooks Brothers Credit Card

When you sign up to receive a Brooks Brothers credit card you receive  15% off your first purchase. Brooks Brothers Platinum MasterCard holders receive an additional 15% off their purchase within 30 days of receipt of their welcome packet. All card holders earn $20 for every $500 they spend using their card at Brooks Brothers. Platinum MasterCard holders earn a $20 rewards card for every $2,000 spent outside of Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers Platinum MasterCard holders also receive a $20 rewards card when they make their first non-Brooks Brother purchase on their card within 60 days of receipt of it. All card holders receive a $20 birthday reward (as long as you use your card once per year), access to exclusive cardholder events as well as travel and warranty benefits.

AAA Members Receive 1x WOWPoints Plus 15% Off

AAA Members who enroll in the Corporate Membership Program receive 15% off in-store and online Brooks Brothers purchases. They also receive 1x WOWPoints for all purchases made at Brooks Brothers.