1. Enjoy No Sales Tax on Your Order
Residents outside of California can enjoy getting their order shipped without the addition of sales tax.

2. Get Your Order Shipped for Free
Regardless of how much your order is, you can enjoy getting it shipped for free. Browse through the vast selection of items to see what you can get shipped to your home.

3. Trade in Your Items for Top Dollar
Have an unwanted, outdated or old item you are looking to get rid of? Trade it in for top dollar to get the absolute best price for the item you want. You can also cash it out and use it toward something else you want.

4. Lowest Prices Guaranteed
If you happen to find a lower price when purchasing your item, they are happy to match it for you. Once the item has shipped, they won’t adjust the price. Pay attention to this beforehand to ensure you get the best possible price on your purchase.