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College textbooks are expensive. Really expensive. Take out student loans just so that you can afford to pay for them expensive. While studying at Santa Clara University, BookRenter founder Colin Barceloux felt that pain. He was paying over $500 a semester for his books, and he just couldn't fathom how something that was worth $100 one month dropped to worthless by the end of the semester. His brilliant idea of his company was born after he began collecting unwanted books from around campus and selling them to students around the country, making a little extra beer money and creating the concept that BookRenter is today. Present day, Colin and his partners Chris Williams and Philippe Huibonhoa run the company, providing the books students need and supporting their core mission- to make education more affordable for everyone. Less money on text books equals more money for groceries and red solo cups, so BookRenter gets two thumbs up in our book! (See what we did there?)