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ScottSendy 21 days ago (2/04/2017)

Oh man! This website is sick! How do you make it look like this .

marshallri4 1 month ago (1/17/2017)

Порно фото галереи - секс картинки ради взрослых
Бесплатная эротика и секс фото галереи

JulianInfes 1 month ago (1/11/2017)




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Narayan 15 months ago (11/26/2015)

... The problem is that all qaitutoon marks (unless in plain text-encoding) appear as blocks, and all letters like ர , ரட, ரஅ, ரஐ and so on.//ம ன னல ப ர யவ ல ல ..//I simply need I.E.7 to start in estern-asian. Even if I change the coding while on the site, if I renew the page it is UTF-8 again. The sites are not the problem, search engines like Google show the same thing.//இத எனக க ம நடக க றத . auto select ச ய த ல ம அத UTF-8 என பத த த ன க ட ட க றத ..

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