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Remember when pierced ears were considered risqué accessories? These days, they don’t even raise an eyebrow, because chances are those eyebrows may be pierced, too. Sporting body art has become a common expression of personal style, and is your number one online source for body jewelry like barbells, ear gauges, plugs, navel and nipple rings, nose studs and much more. The site carries piercing supplies like pliers, alcohol prep pads and aftercare sprays. You can also shop here for apparel like t-shirts and hoodies, and accessories including hats and beanies, socks, necklaces, phone cases and watches; as well as miscellaneous decorative items like stickers, mugs, tote bags and lip balms. If you love to decorate your body, you will love the selection of items to be found at If you’re new to the trend, or just curious, you can browse many informative blog posts on the site, too.