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In 1996, Bliss opened its first spa in New York City, featuring cutting-edge skincare technology designed by hundreds of expert technicians to achieve real results, because, as its name implies, Bliss is dedicated to helping its customers “achieve a higher state of happy.” Today, Bliss has 21 spa locations around the world, and has launched an internet shopping site,, to market its popular products for home use. Book a spa appointment on the site, or purchase products to create your own home spa experience. Shop the entire Bliss line of skincare, bath and body and firming and toning products, as well as hair and makeup items from top brands in the beauty industry. Relax with a selection of aromatherapy oils, supplements, cleanses, candles and teas. When you’re ready to work up a sweat, they also carry athletic apparel and footwear, so go ahead, jump in and find your bliss.