1. Subscribe to Biblio’s Email List

When you sign up for Biblio’s email list, you will receive an instant coupon in your inbox. Email subscribers also get promotional codes and coupons, worth more than $50 in annual savings. Subscribing to emails from Biblio also gives you the opportunity to learn about events at Biblio and receive book recommendations.

2. Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Biblio offers free shipping on select books. There is no minimum purchase amount and there are over 5 million titles eligible for free shipping. The website offers shoppers the option to search for books with free shipping by subject, attribute or price.

3. Join the Bibliophiles’ Club

For $19.95 a year, you can join the Bibliophiles’ Club and save 10% on every purchase. All books are eligible for this promotion and the maximum allowed discount is $25. The Bibliophiles’ Club discount may be used on the price of items, and cannot be used on the price of shipping and other fees, on gift certificates, or for multiple purchases of the same item. When you join the Bibliophiles’ Club you will receive a membership number. This number is automatically placed in the promo code box whenever you are logged into your Biblio account, allowing you to receive your 10% discount.  The Bibliophiles’ Club discount cannot be used with any other promotional codes or coupons.

4. Use Biblio to Purchase Textbooks

Biblio offers both new and used textbooks at prices significantly lower than retail. Educational professionals, schools, and libraries can apply to use a purchase order to buy textbooks at discounted rates.

5. Use the Out of Stock Discount

Biblio guarantees that the item you purchase will be in stock. If your item is canceled with the reason stated as “out of stock” or “unavailable by the bookseller,” Biblio will send you a coupon for 20% off of a future purchase. To be eligible for this coupon you must have an account with Biblio or register for one. The maximum discount with this coupon is $20, and you can receive one out of stock coupon per 30 day period.