1. Earn Points and Save

Every B&H account holder earns a percentage back on every eligible purchase you make when you’re logged into your account through BHPhotoVideo.com.  This money back is converted into rewards points that can then be redeemed for a promotional code towards future purchases through the site.  The program is free and you are automatically enrolled if you set up an account a check out.

2. Special Discounts for Students and Educators

Students and educators can apply to become a member of B&H’s EDU Advantage program to get access to special discounts on thousands of products.  Also included in the free program is a no-cost subscription to the annual Student Buyer’s Guide, support from the EDU Hotline for advice from professionals, and access to the easy to use EDU Advantage website.  The program is open to all educators and students in an accredited photography, film, video, animation, graphic design, audio, or new media program at any higher learning institution based in the United States.