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B&H is a leading provider of cameras, video cameras, computers, and audio visual equipment. They offer a great selection of brands like Nikon, JVC, and Bose, along with unparalleled customer service.

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LinsayT. - Tested on Apple 13.3" MacBook Pro Notebook Computer 2/21/14

2 months ago (2.21.2014)

Tested on 21.5" iMac Desktop Computer

8 months ago (8.19.2013) by danae

worked on 3TB AirPort Time Capsule (5th Generation)

8 months ago (7.30.2013)

Tested on Apple 16GB iPod touch (Black) (4th Generation)

14 months ago (2.01.2013) by Lisa

Tested on Apple iPad Smart Case (Pink)

18 months ago (10.30.2012) by Lisa Ann

7/25/2012 10:25AM Tested on Apple 45w Magsafe 2 Power Adapter

21 months ago (7.25.2012) by Lisa Ann

B&H Photo and Video Coupons


LinsayT. - Tested on ASUS UX32A-DB31 Zenbook 13.3" Ultrabook Computer 10/2/13

6 months ago (10.02.2013)

Tested on ASUS UX32A-DB31 Zenbook 13.3" Ultrabook Computer

9 months ago (7.15.2013) by danae

Tested on ASUS UX32A-DB31 Zenbook 13.3" Ultrabook Computer

10 months ago (5.30.2013) by Lisa

Tested on Ultrabook Computer

12 months ago (4.04.2013) by Lisa


Live chat said they "usually we don't have such promos at the end of the check-out process." He also wanted to know where I found this coupon. I gave him a brief list of where I found this promo and said he sees them, but he can't do anything and contact the Sales Dept., which I did. Sales Dept. allegedly pretends they don't know what a promo code even is and played dumb as to what it is and what do you do with it, etc. I mean who doesn't know what a promo code is, especially of the younger generation! In the end, he said they cannot honor it and I should take it up with ultimatecoupons.com and have them honor it. This was my only negative experience with online shopping to date.

5 months ago (11.19.2013) by Melanie

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Earn Points While You Shop

Sign up for an account at BHPhotoVideo.com and you will earn a specified percentage back on all eligible purchases, a value which is converted into rewards points. You can then redeem your points for promotional codes that can be applied toward future purchases.

Get a Great Deal

Your first stop at B&H should be their Deals and Promotions page. Here, you will find great deals, rebates and special promotions, as well as used merchandise.

They periodically feature sales and promotional codes on their homepage. These are typically designed to save you a percentage or dollar-off your purchase, offer free shipping, free gifts and services. Keep an eye out for special seasonal promotions.

B&H EDU Advantage

Students and Educators can save by becoming a member of B&H EDU Advantage. Members enjoy discounts on thousands of products, a free subscription to the annual Student Buyer’s Guide and access to the EDU Hotline for advice from professionals. The program is free to join for all educators and students in an accredited, related program at any higher learning institution based in the United States.

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‘Like’ B&H on Facebook to keep up with the latest technology available in the visual arts world. You will get access to pre-orders of the newest products, tips on how to hone your creative skills, and updates on the price drops on high-quality items. You will also learn about photography contests, where you can share your photo for a chance to win a B&H gift card! Occasionally, a B&H expert will run a live question and answer session, so you can pick their brain for tips and product advice.

You will want to check out the B&H blog, Explora. Here you can find in-depth tips, reviews and buying guides on tons of products, to help you choose the best tools to help you to express your creativity. Occasionally, contests and giveaways will be announced, where you can win cool prizes like B&H gift cards, photography books and more!

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Black Friday Deals

The best time to find a wide array of deals at BHPhotoVideo.com is during their Black Friday sales. The exact deals change from year-to-year, but you will always find high-quality merchandise at a low price.

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