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If exploring the outdoors is your idea of a good time, then ACK is the place to shop for your next adventure. For over 20 years, ACK has been the premier outdoor adventure retailer in the Austin, Texas area. Now sportsmen around the country can easily shop the company�s selection of kayaking, camping, snorkeling, diving and hiking gear, along with apparel for all of these activities, at their website, AustinKayak.com. Since starting with only 20 canoe/kayak models and 100 accessories, their inventory has grown to include over 300 models, plus more than 3,500 accessories. Shop for all of your paddle sport needs here, from paddles and life vests to racks and trailers for transporting them. They even have gear designed for fishing and hunting from your kayak. The ACK site carries camping and hiking supplies from backpacks to tents, and everything in between. Find informative articles and resources here, too.


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