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Anonymous 2 months ago (12/31/2014)

Says expired on checkout.

Anonymous 3 months ago (11/14/2014)

Stupid code don't work!

Enter Your Name 4 months ago (10/17/2014)

used many times before but no longer works

Anonymous 5 months ago (9/16/2014)

Used many times but today finally stopped working for me :(

Anonymous 5 months ago (9/16/2014)


Anonymous 6 months ago (8/22/2014)

Tested on brakes

Anonymous 6 months ago (8/11/2014)

Bought springs. Worked for me 8/8/14

dano 7 months ago (8/06/2014)

race star wheels and tires , saved 15 on each!!!! just ordered each item separate

gm killer 7 months ago (8/05/2014)

worked on ngk sprakplugs and ford racing wires

Mustang Joe 8 months ago (7/08/2014)

This code worked fine when I ordered my Harmonic balancer & bolt with washer.

Anonymous 8 months ago (6/28/2014)

Didn't work on Airaid Intake w/Bama Tuner

Ron 9 months ago (6/07/2014)

Worked again last night. Even better when item is on sale!

Anonymous 9 months ago (6/02/2014)

just used it. it worked.

Anonymous 9 months ago (5/27/2014)

Tested on tachometer

Barry 9 months ago (5/22/2014)

Works- 22 May 2014

Cobra50 10 months ago (5/04/2014)

Worked!!! Thanks!

Anonymous 10 months ago (5/01/2014)

just used this for a new tb worked great! excellent code!

corey 10 months ago (4/28/2014)

used on 4 wheels,4 separate times and works fine.4/28/14

Anonymous 10 months ago (4/28/2014)

Tested on Moroso Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank

Jesse 10 months ago (4/15/2014)

This worked for me 4/15/14

tom 10 months ago (4/15/2014)

worked great :)

RUSSEL 10 months ago (4/14/2014)

Tested on FR cold air intake, hope it will still work on sunday

Anonymous 10 months ago (4/14/2014)

Tested on Airaid Cold Air Intake

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Anonymous 6 months ago (9/01/2014)

LinsayT. - Tested online 9/1/14

Anonymous 9 months ago (6/02/2014)

Worked for me

Anonymous 12 months ago (2/21/2014)

LinsayT. - Tested online 2/21/14

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ray 15 days ago (2/18/2015)

you need to offer free shipping to Guam man we are a U.S trust territory. Or at least better discounts!

Anonymous 10 months ago (5/01/2014)

this code no longer works..

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American Muscle is an online retailer of parts for muscle cars. American Muscle mostly carries aftermarket parts for Mustangs.