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新色大人気 正規品/日本製/送料無料 3 days ago

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新色大人気 正規品/日本製/送料無料

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Millennials will be full of nostalgia when shopping with American Girl. What started in 1986 as a mail order catalog has grown into a well-known brand of dolls that are a collectible for every young female. American Girl hosts a range of dolls that will compliment every girl's style. The BeForever line features some of the original dolls, like Addy and Samantha. These characters are brought to life with the full range of books that tell their stories. Over the years, American Girl has diversified by introducing Girl of the Year dolls, Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins, and the My American Girl line, which allows girls to create their own personalized doll. American Girl also boasts a full line of doll clothing, furniture and accessories. A subscription magazine tops it all off, making American Girl the go-to place for young females throughout the nation.