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BethC 25 months ago (5/21/2013)

blackout dates apply

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Lady Clarke 13 months ago (5/27/2014)


Anonymous 14 months ago (4/22/2014)

where does the promo code get put in??

Anonymous 14 months ago (4/19/2014)

what is the code?
does not work with just 40% off

Anonymous 26 months ago (5/06/2013)

Where is the promo box on the website....

Joe 29 months ago (2/08/2013)


Ivan prasad 29 months ago (1/31/2013)

Anonymous 39 months ago (4/13/2012)

Doesn't work

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Kim 1 month ago (5/20/2015)

Didn't work

Anonymous 7 months ago (11/19/2014)

Weak ass website. Non of these work...

Enter Your Name 9 months ago (9/13/2014)


Anonymous 10 months ago (9/04/2014)

doesn't work

Lady Clarke 13 months ago (5/27/2014)

don't work

Anonymous 26 months ago (5/04/2013)

Where do I apply this code on the site?

dan 40 months ago (3/06/2012)

never worked.

Anonymous 42 months ago (1/11/2012)

Did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 43 months ago (11/23/2011)

what kind of coupon is this? you can't even open it up
to use. What a disappointment.

Anonymous 49 months ago (6/15/2011)

WTF? None of these work...TOTAL JOKE!!!!!

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Allegiant offers affordable, convenient leisure travel. As a certified Scheduled Air Carrier with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Allegiant flies scheduled and charter airline operations throughout the U.S. and even to some locations in Mexico and Canada. Allegiant offers low fares, nonstop all-jet service, and has ongoing relationships with premier travel partners so customers can get all their travel plans in order from one convenient place. Allegiant travels differently than other airlines, which makes them unique. For instance, they don’t fly to every city and they don’t fly every day. Rather, they link travelers in small cities at underserved airports with top leisure destinations. While unusual, these measures help keep prices low, without sacrificing value. For instance, customers can still expect great rates to vacation spots like Las Vegas, Hawaii and Orlando. Today, the company offers non-stop scheduled serve from 88 U.S. cities and charter services throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Plus, customers who fly with Allegiant also get exclusive access to vacation deals and packages that can’t be found anywhere else.