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As one cartoonist put it, the average preschooler, left to her own devices, emerges from her bedroom dressed like a crazy, homeless fairy princess (usually complete with multiple pairs of wings). By filling a child's wardrobe with clothes from AlexandAlexa however, parents can ensure that their child will look like a fashionable crazy, homeless fairy princess. The company prides itself on offering the best designer clothing and footwear for boys and girls ages 0-16. Little ones can take preschool by storm dressed in Fendi, Burberry and Little Marc Jacobs. Teenagers can stroll to class, hit the beach or ski the slopes in Dolce & Gabbana Junior, Puma and Nike. And since fashionable kids need fashionable surroundings and playthings, AlexandAlexa offers brand-name furniture (apparently Rainbow Mushroom Crochet Pouffes are a must-have for all on-trend playrooms) and quality toys (predominantly the kind that aren't made of plastic and don't need batteries). They even have a line of products for adults to help ensure that the sleep-deprived set can keep up with their fashionable youngsters.