1. Subscribe to Save

Email subscribers enjoy $25 off their initial purchase when they spend a minimum of $250.

2. Enjoy Free Shipping and Stack Complimentary Shipping Deals with Product Sales

ABT Electronics offers free shipping that’s tied to specific minimum price orders, and often provide it on most appliance purchases that are at least $749. Sometimes there are coupons or specials offering free shipping with as little as a $25 minimum purchase. ABT also permits shoppers to stack product sales with complimentary shipping. However, you may be restricted from stacking free shipping with bundled discounts and rebates.

3. Take Advantage of Bundle Pricing

Shoppers who need more than one appliance can take advantage of bundle pricing when they purchase multiple items of the same brand. Bundle promotions may change, so check their latest deals before buying. You don’t need a coupon code to do this.

4. Get Your Money Back with Appliance Rebates

Find out if your purchase qualifies for an instant rebate. Be sure to read the rebate form, and follow the directions timely, as it’s essential to complete rebate forms by the required date and provide the requested documentation. Manufacturers or stores can refuse to honor late rebate requests. Take care to avoid discarding UPC codes or receipts that rebate forms may require.