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Expired. Why does Ultimate Coupons show expired coupons?


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Patty 34 months ago (12/06/2012)

It says my coupon is activated but when I went to the site did not receive it

Lynne 41 months ago (4/27/2012)

RIP OFF!!! There is no discount, no free shipping. How deceptive can you be? Their processing fee is in lieu of their shipping fee. Buy elsewhere.

Anonymous 41 months ago (4/23/2012)

Didnt work for me either

Brian 42 months ago (4/14/2012)

Doesn't work

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Debbie 42 months ago (4/17/2012)

This company give you free shipping then adds a handeling fee which is equal to the shipping amount . I called the company for clarification and they told me that is how their program works.

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