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Did you know January is National Hobby Month? Don't feel bad, I didn't either until recently. It makes sense though; if the traditional New Year's resolutions of weight loss and the like aren't up your alley, a new year marks a good point at which to take up a new hobby or find a creative […]Continue Reading


If your family is looking forward to a Rock n' Roll Christmas, then you may be out to nab some gifts that match the lifestyle. Perhaps your son asked for guitar lessons or your daughter wants to let out her pent up energy learning to thrash on a drum set, whatever the case Guitar Center has […]Continue Reading


Joining a school band or orchestra is a great opportunity for kids to learn basic music and life skills. Though you may be sick of hearing it, by the time your student graduates, there will be many benefits to the endless hours of clarinet squeaking and violin scratching you've endured.Continue Reading


Oprah may be one of the richest women in the world, but not all of her favorite things are budget-busters. Some of them are actually affordable.Continue Reading


One of the great parts of summer is the plethora of music festivals going on all season long. The downside to these festivals is that the tickets are pricey, and if you’ve procrastinated in buying, you may find the event sold out months in advance.Continue Reading


After being pushed back for what seems like forever, Google is offering invitations for Google Music. If you’re a current Pandora, iTunes or Amazon devotee, you may be wondering if it’ll be worth the switch, and what it will offer that those services don’t already provide.Continue Reading


April 11 is International "Louie Louie" Day! Besides "Tequila," it's one of the few popular songs that sounds equally great when played by a marching band. April is Straw Hat Month! That may be, but I'm still trying to get past that whole matching coat-dress-and-hat Easter outfit my mom insisted on buying me when I […]Continue Reading


I grew up listening to traditional Irish folk music, thanks to my dad who's still a big fan of this genre.  My older son, however, had other ideas.  While he enjoys a great variety of music, he prefers rock to other types.  But that didn't stop him from finding Irish music he loved.  Even with […]Continue Reading


A long, long time ago...52 years ago, to be exact, a small plane carrying three music idols took off from Clear Lake, Iowa on its way to North Dakota.  That plane didn't even make it far from the airport when a sudden snowstorm caused it to crash. I looked back at Groundhog Day history and […]Continue Reading


My teenage son used a gift card he received for Christmas to purchase a few CDs.  One of them was the soundtrack to an action movie he hadn't even seen--but his friends told him that the music was excellent.  He found the CD on sale (I taught him well!) and took a chance. He wasn't […]Continue Reading


Over New Year's weekend, we drove north on the New Jersey Turnpike on the way to see my family.  Along the way, we passed a large billboard advertising the increasing MegaMillions jackpot. My husband always buys a few lottery tickets when the jackpot gets huge.  As the old lottery slogan used to say, "you've gotta […]Continue Reading