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There's a present by the tree, stockings on the wall

December 10, 2009 | 1

Every December at elementary schools all over the country, the ritual of Santa's Secret Shop takes place.  "Budget" envelopes are sent home so the children can bring in money and buy dollar-store gifts for their family members.  Of course, the ... Read More

Today's Your Birthday!

October 21, 2009 | 1

It's my sister's birthday today!  I wonder what kind of present she's wishing for.

As kids, birthdays were always fun and special days (as they should be!)  Often, the grandmotherly lady who lived next door to us would offer to ... Read More

Weird Holiday Monday: Duran Duran Edition!

August 10, 2009 |

That's right: Duran Duran has a whole day devoted to them, and it happens to be today, so I had to dedicate this post to the group that performs a song that's a favorite of my seven-year-old:  "Hungry Like the ... Read More

Happy Birthday to Me!

July 28, 2009 | 2

Today's my birthday, but we're not going to talk about how old I am.  Fair warning to my sister and brother who read this blog:  if you post my age here, it will be edited out of the comments.  Yes, ... Read More

Weird Holiday Monday: (Hot) Dog Days of Summer Edition

July 20, 2009 | 1

Sorry about that title!  Sometimes bad puns are what I'm all about.  So I'll let you get straight to the savings.  Hang onto some of these links--we've got some long-running offers today.  And why not pass the word on to ... Read More

Weird Holiday Monday: Mid-Summer Madness!

July 6, 2009 |

Even in the heat of the summer, we can't resist bringing you some of the best in bargains each Monday, partnered with the more unusual celebrations of the week. Enjoy the summer savings!

July is Family Reunion Month! And what's ... Read More

Weird Holiday Monday: Do-it-yourself Savings

June 8, 2009 | 1

It's time once again for Weird Holiday Monday:  the day when the Ultimate Coupons Crew brings you the best in savings combined with the wackiest in holidays.  I'm sure you didn't know that most of these observances existed--but you do ... Read More

Graduation Day

May 26, 2009 |

Graduation season is upon us.  Caps and gowns, Pomp and Circumstance, diplomas, the whole bit.

Every school likes to have something that makes their graduation different from every other school.  Graduations are like weddings in that regard, but without ... Read More

Mother's Day!

May 8, 2009 | 1

I've been a mom for over 17 years now, so I feel equipped to give a little advice about what moms do not want for Mother's Day.

  • Vacuums, Swiffer Wet Jets, or any other cleaning equipment.  Don't insult ... Read More

Samuel Morse Sends Flowers?

May 1, 2009 | 1

At the end of the street where I spent my childhood, there was a large florist shop with two big display windows.  Since the shop was located at a busy five-way intersection, we were often afforded ample time to enjoy ... Read More

April Fool!

April 1, 2009 |

I sometimes wonder if this holiday wasn't made up by a bunch of kids with too much time on their hands. 

Speaking of which, my kids have been plotting their April-Foolishness for days now.  I'm beginning to think that ... Read More