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What red-blooded American male isn’t interested in seeing his lady in something skimpy, sheer and lacy every once in a while? And we know how you boys think—you believe the chances of us actually wearing something like that increase dramatically if you buy it for us. Well, you’re wrong… sort of. Most of us aren’t […]Continue Reading


Summer is looming with its bathing suits, bare arms and short skirts. Chances are, you’ve already checked out the free and cheap workouts I’ve shared, but if you happen to have some extra money to spend on getting your beach body on, here are some shape-up splurges.Continue Reading


Hair feathers are, as the kids say, "so hot right now!" As soon as I found out about hair feathers I hopped on this bandwagon with gusto! Sure, it may be trendy, but it's a trend that's on the rise - I'm pleased to say I still don't see that many people with hair feathers, and you can't buy them at Target, so they must not be mainstream yet.Continue Reading

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