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Why BOGO is the Best

September 23, 2014 |

What four letters stir wonder and excitement in the hearts of shoppers near and far? BOGO. Just seeing that one little acronym is enough to send some of us into a frenzy. But what's so great about a BOGO, anyway? And is it really better than just a regular sale? Read More

Expecting? Start Budgeting for Baby!

September 19, 2014 |

Babies bring a lot of fun and happiness into a family, but all this joy comes with a huge price tag. If you have kids or have ever raised them, you know caring for them is not cheap. The latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture calculate that it will cost an average of $241,080 for a middle-class couple to raise their baby until age 18 – and that does not even include college tuition. Those who live in the Northwest can expect to spend $446,100 – a whopping $200,000 difference. And just because newborn babies are small does not mean they are inexpensive. In fact, parents can expect to spend $10,000 in Baby’s first year alone!

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How to Buy Concert Merchandise Any Day

September 18, 2014 |

Your favorite musical artist is finally coming to your local city and what better way to remember what is sure to be a great night than with some merchandise from the concert. Gone are the days when the only options at the merchandise booth were T-shirts, posters, programs and more T-shirts. The options at the show are widespread -- and the options do not end when the show is over either. Thanks to online shopping you can buy concert merch before and after the show, without even buying a concert ticket and even at the same prices as at the show. Read More

5 Ways to Enjoy Fall Beauty on a Budget

September 17, 2014 |

Fall is a transitional period - not just for the weather (farewell, cute sandals and tank tops!), but also for beauty routines. Gone are the lightweight lotions and pastel hues, which are shelved in favor of richer formulas and more dramatic colors. While a wardrobe transition can certainly be costly, a shift in beauty regimens doesn’t have to blow your budget. Here are some wallet-friendly fall beauty tips that will make the change in seasons simple (and beautiful).

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Bags and Cups: Bring Your Own to Save

September 16, 2014 |

Did you know that in Ireland and Wales there is a $.15 tax on every plastic bag you take home from the store? Some cities and towns in the US are also starting to impose this tax in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic bags being provided. As a frugal shopper, this means you have one more thing to remember when you hit the stores: reusable shopping bags. With some merchants, you will simply avoid paying extra for plastic bags, which is a savings in itself. Other merchants are offering incentives to get you to bring your own bags. Check out this list to see how you can save a little bit more each time you shop. Please note that sometimes local stores have different policies based on individual store policy, so be sure to check with the stores in your area.

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100 Days Until Christmas: Should You Shop Now or Wait?

September 15, 2014 |

As the weather cools down and fall approaches, there is one date you should be keeping in mind. September 15 marks 100 shopping days until Christmas. To some, that might be a frightening thought, but to the procrastinators, it just means more time to wait. Should you start your Christmas shopping now or wait until the holiday season is in full swing? There are advantages to both schools of thought. Read More

Hosting a Budget-Friendly TV Season Premiere Party

September 12, 2014 |

Fall is that glorious time of year when we welcome back many of our favorite television shows from their summer hiatus. After months of waiting (which is even harder now in our binge-watching world), the season premiere episode is one you do not want to miss. Especially considering so many shows end their season on a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more. Instead of watching the show all by your lonesome, while all your friends also watch it at their respective homes, why not host a theme premiere party? It will save you a lot of texting back and forth with your friends and can be creative without being expensive. Read More

Ideas for Cheap Fall Getaways

September 11, 2014 |

The final days of summer are flying by, but that does not mean you have to say goodbye to vacations until next year. Although the hot summer months are the peak vacation times, the cool and crisp fall air can signal a perfect opportunity to plan a final getaway before the holidays get underway and make travel unbearable. In fact, if you are looking for fewer crowds and cheaper prices, fall is a great time of year to take a vacation without emptying your pocketbook. Here are some destinations to consider.

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Part 2: Cracking the Markdown Code

September 10, 2014 |

Did you score any great back-to-school deals? If you enjoyed those, here’s a second list of more retailers who have a secret price coding system. I've included some wholesale retailers and how to read their complicated price tags, so study up before your next shopping trip!

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Part 1: Cracking the Markdown Code

September 9, 2014 |

Have you ever wondered why items are on sale for a strange amount of money? It has recently been revealed that the ending numbers of the price tag can say a lot about the deal that you are getting. Stores have their own price coding systems to alert you to when an item is on sale, clearance, or won’t be restocked. Paying attention to this code can really let you know if it’s a good bargain or not. Check out these tips for your future purchases.

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The Date Dilemma: How to Limit Food Waste and Save Money

September 8, 2014 |

Waste not, want not. In this day and age of increasing food prices, that is a good motto to remember.

However, it is definitely not worth saving a few bucks if you end up battling a bad stomach bug. But how do you know if the food in your fridge is still safe for you to eat? If you start by educating yourself on what those “expiration” dates on your food mean, you will be on your way to making safe and economical choices for yourself when you eat. Read More