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Update: Contest has been extended until Thursday, March 29!

Spring is near (March 20 is the official first day of spring!) and with it comes that nagging desire to clean away the dust bunnies and organize the heck out of your closet. Are you ready to channel your inner-neat freak and banish those hoarding tendencies?

Grand Prize: $250 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card

 How to Enter:

Tell us your best and most brilliant spring cleaning and organizing tips in a 300 word post on your blog and you’ll be entered to win a $250 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card!  Our editorial team will carefully review all entries and will be looking for creative, well-written and inspiring ideas. Post the link in a comment on this blog post and you’ll be set!

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  • I love to have a fresh coat of paint in the room I spend most time in – my bedroom! I can find all the supplies I need at Home Depot.
  • When my kids’ closets get out of control, I like to head to Crate & Barrel and get shoe racks and extra storage bins.
  • Every year I have to go through my garage and weed out the junk. Whatever's left I hang on storage racks from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Entry Checklist

1. 300 word post on your blog about your brilliant spring cleaning/organizing tips

2. Include 2 links in the blog that point back to coupon pages on UltimateCoupons.com

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Best of luck!


Contest runs through Thursday, Mar 22, Mar 29. The winner will be randomly selected from the top creative entries as determined by our editorial team. More than 2 links in your post will not increase your chances of winning. Terms & Conditions apply.